Monday, March 02, 2009

Music and Life

I love music. I can't spend a day without music in my headset. Sometimes music can completely change things around you.

Let me show you an example. First of all run this video and listen to the music (don't watch the clip). While you are listening, go through the slides which I have prepared (The pictures are from Kim Anderson). Slides are cute but with music they act like a magic!

Now run the presentation:

If you are like me, this small experiment should make you smile and your mood will lift up (hope so :))


Before continue reading, please run this track :) :

Recently I came across Mirror's Edge game by EA. The game is very impressive. And so the soundtrack for a game. I think, music should (and will) play a key role in game industry (GTA - is a great example). This brought me to idea of a "Game-Radio".

We provide game developers with API which loads and plays music from the Internet while users are playing. The service could be user-driven. I.e. users could match the games and music (NFS + Armin van Buuren, Mafia + Louis Armstrong, and so on :) ).

Furthermore service could be adjusted per user. If I love trance, I hear mostly trance tracks.

1. Who needs this? I can run my player and listen to my favourite music!
A: Sometimes I wanna something new. "G-Radio" could bring new sound to me.

2. What about copyrights?
A: Shhhh! I don't know the answer :). How do they solve this on a radio station ;)?

PS: Music played in youtube clip is Zero Assoluto - Minimalismi. In the beginning of the idea: Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire

PPS: Maybe this is already out there? Dunno. Haven't seen yet :).

Friday, February 06, 2009

TV Show

TV Show

Hey, I haven't seen TV for ages. My cable TV is expired, but I'm feeling okay and still alive :).

Anyway, here are two ideas for TV shows.

Idea #1: Info Hunters

Show participants are tasked with "Find [blah-blah-blah] information". The only tool, which can be used, is a laptop connected to the Wire. The one, who will be the first in seeking, wons the price. E.g.: "Here you have a keychain. Find the wife's name of the keychain's owner". Or you can even make it more real, by letting people around the world call to the studio and ask experts to find something somewhere :).

Idea #2: Business Life

Invite two or three business sharks to the show. Give 100$ to each one. Don't let them use their own money and friends. And see who will get more by the end of the day :). It would be interesting to know, how people can make money ;).