Friday, February 15, 2008


Roots of this idea are described in the previous post. I truly believe that:
  • Either it will be implemented by Google soon
  • Or it is already implemented by someone else, but I didn't heard about it yet.

aLive Dictionary

The idea is to provide on the Google's dictionary page not only results of translation but also the most relevant picture to the word being translated from the Google's image search (or form the Flickr, if they could negotiate an agreement). Furthermore Google could provide an image that corresponds to the query in the source language and one in the destination language.

I like this idea because:
  • Remember foreign word is much easier when you have an image corresponding to the word in your head.
  • Using dictionary becomes more attractive: you never know what internet can offer you.
  • Google can use this technique to improve their Google Image Labeler.
I don't like this idea because:
  • Image uses space on your monitor. And not all people may find them useful.
Okay, here is an example. For say, you wanna know what does "Вдохновение" mean. And here are result:


Now you have an association to this word, and its harder to forget it ;).

Thursday, February 14, 2008


The most important part of this post is here:

Happy Valentines day :)!

La Rochefoucald said:
True love is like a ghost; everyone talks of it, but few have met it face to face.
But I wish you to meet this "ghost" everyday, again and again - it worth your time to find and recognize it!

This idea is really wonderful (in my humble opinion ).

aLive Book

I love reading books. But I can remember book better if there are illustrations of the most significant moments. The idea is to insert a picture from or to the text, while book is being reading (online, of course). The exact picture can be fetched by keywords in the text (which should be marked). For sure, algorithm of choosing "right" picture is far from being easy, but we're developers - easy tasks are out of our goals and plans! Okay, the illustration of this is right here. The keywords of this post are: idea, books. Search via gave the following result:

He-he. Now you will remember this post better :). So do I. I will develop this further.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is not a breath-taking idea, and it could be already implemented, but nevertheless it deserves couple lines of text here.

Update manager

This a client-server application, which integrates with OS, and alerts user when new software/hardware updates are available for him or her. This application should cover as many applications as possible. Software developers could use Update Manager's server to inform users about updates or plans. Moreover, Update Manager can optionally inform owner about program- vendor- related news.

Why this application will be useful for users? It's easy - no need to update software one by one. Everything is centralized.

You can object with (at least) one word: Privacy. Yep, but if vendor of this application is trusted, like Google (or Microsoft if you wish) then I see no problems :).

No, something is wrong with this idea. For some reasons I don't like it in the end of the post :). Maybe you could proceed with it and get golden eggs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi :).

Here is the idea for today. I think, the era of social networks is coming to its peak, but there is still great potential. I believe we'll have something like profession networks soon.

The idea is to join professionals in some areas (IT, please) and customers (yes, like but more social). Professionals will join prof. networks because they could get here skills improvement, develop and share their ideas with colleagues/friends and certainly earn respect and money.

Ok, I have more thoughts on this, and truly believe in success of this idea. I'll share them probably soon (if you will be still interested, of course :)).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello again!

I can generate ideas from nothing! By the way, talking about nothing: It would be great to have a (shareware?) program which do nothing. The trick is right here. Your program (site) might have a label on the main screen:

I'm doing nothing, so feel free to turn off the monitor, take a day off, relax, visit your parents or your favorite place and be sure: I won't do anything!

This will work as psychological air.

And how can you get ROI > 1? It's easy - people will be thankful for the free moments, your program presents for them. Ha-ha, you can do even better: while this program is trial it does nothing,but after 30 days of usage it could start doing something :) (format drive, please!).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi :)!

This is my very first post here, and I'm happy, doing this in English.

I have a suggestion to the Google (which won't be ever heard, but that doesn't matter): Launch a space ship out there, into the deep space, process pictures and create real-time video online. It will be great to fly with Google because not everyone of us would see the real space. Furthermore, when Google will find aliens, dudes-from-space (and I'm sure, it will) - that would be great advertisement for the company :). E.g. aliens could think that entire Earth is named "Google" :).

What do you think?