Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Career builder.

A year ago, when I was a student, I was wondering how to get a great job. I sent emails to guys from Microsoft, I was seeking guys from Google, and I talked to guys from Validio (one of the best companies here, at Kharkov). What should I do? What should I read? How can I become your employee? Recently one guy approached to me with exactly the same questions.

What a heck? We are living in the era of connectivity and there is still no common place where potential employees could contact employers directly (without annoying them). Well, at least I don't know one.

Idea: a site, where employers (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, EA, Yet-Another-Great-Company) could put their "programs", and potential employees could participate in that programs. Initially employees are working alone. They are reading proper books, developing proper programs or whatever. If a candidate looks perspective, an employer could assign to him or her a mentor.

If you decided to create something like this, I will be glad to help your great project :).

PS: The image is taken from the NIFCO site. All copyrights belong to them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


What is a droodle? Droodles are a kind of cartoon popularized in the U.S. by Roger Price's 1953 book Droodles.

Can you guess what is displayed on these images:

Four elephants examine an orange
Monster checking for kids under the bed
Simply hover the mouse and you'll get the answers ;).

Now that you know what droodles are, we can move to the "Droodle-digg" idea: Imagine a site where droodles are provided by your visitors. Anyone can upload a new droodle-image and wait for the comments. Visitors leave their guesses and mark others' comments as funny or boring. The funniest comments are moved to the top of the comments list.

Hope the idea is clear enough to get your own droodle-digg project started ;). Let me know when you are done and I'll join to your community :).