Friday, February 06, 2009

TV Show

TV Show

Hey, I haven't seen TV for ages. My cable TV is expired, but I'm feeling okay and still alive :).

Anyway, here are two ideas for TV shows.

Idea #1: Info Hunters

Show participants are tasked with "Find [blah-blah-blah] information". The only tool, which can be used, is a laptop connected to the Wire. The one, who will be the first in seeking, wons the price. E.g.: "Here you have a keychain. Find the wife's name of the keychain's owner". Or you can even make it more real, by letting people around the world call to the studio and ask experts to find something somewhere :).

Idea #2: Business Life

Invite two or three business sharks to the show. Give 100$ to each one. Don't let them use their own money and friends. And see who will get more by the end of the day :). It would be interesting to know, how people can make money ;).