Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Career builder.

A year ago, when I was a student, I was wondering how to get a great job. I sent emails to guys from Microsoft, I was seeking guys from Google, and I talked to guys from Validio (one of the best companies here, at Kharkov). What should I do? What should I read? How can I become your employee? Recently one guy approached to me with exactly the same questions.

What a heck? We are living in the era of connectivity and there is still no common place where potential employees could contact employers directly (without annoying them). Well, at least I don't know one.

Idea: a site, where employers (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, EA, Yet-Another-Great-Company) could put their "programs", and potential employees could participate in that programs. Initially employees are working alone. They are reading proper books, developing proper programs or whatever. If a candidate looks perspective, an employer could assign to him or her a mentor.

If you decided to create something like this, I will be glad to help your great project :).

PS: The image is taken from the NIFCO site. All copyrights belong to them.

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Dmytro Lapshyn said...


Not sure about Google, but Microsoft's HR keeps a number of blogs where one can find lots of interesting facts about working at MS, applying for a position, passing interviews etc.

Even if one does not intend to work for MS, it's still an interesting read.

I've seen a discussion thread somewhere about Google's hiring process being notorious, and a person who left MS for Google wrote there that he had made a mistake. So... if I were to consider changing my current job (I do not at present), Google definitely wouldn't be my choice.