Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi :)!

This is my very first post here, and I'm happy, doing this in English.

I have a suggestion to the Google (which won't be ever heard, but that doesn't matter): Launch a space ship out there, into the deep space, process pictures and create real-time video online. It will be great to fly with Google because not everyone of us would see the real space. Furthermore, when Google will find aliens, dudes-from-space (and I'm sure, it will) - that would be great advertisement for the company :). E.g. aliens could think that entire Earth is named "Google" :).

What do you think?


Cyclone said...

Actually, our planet is spaceship, that is travelling through space and time with enormous speed. If you'll look in the night at clear sky, you'll get brighter and more high-resolution 3D picture than any spaceship can provide.

We are too busy with our problems, job, relations, computers and technologies that forget simply to look at the sky and stars... Friends, take a rest for a second :)

anvaka said...

The speed is 30 000 km per second =).

But even in Kharkov stars almost invisible - they are paled in the halo of the city...

I prefer a separate room somewhere on the orbit of the Earth :)! Dr. Mr. Branson, could you please take me on the board of your Virgin spaceship?