Friday, February 15, 2008


Roots of this idea are described in the previous post. I truly believe that:
  • Either it will be implemented by Google soon
  • Or it is already implemented by someone else, but I didn't heard about it yet.

aLive Dictionary

The idea is to provide on the Google's dictionary page not only results of translation but also the most relevant picture to the word being translated from the Google's image search (or form the Flickr, if they could negotiate an agreement). Furthermore Google could provide an image that corresponds to the query in the source language and one in the destination language.

I like this idea because:
  • Remember foreign word is much easier when you have an image corresponding to the word in your head.
  • Using dictionary becomes more attractive: you never know what internet can offer you.
  • Google can use this technique to improve their Google Image Labeler.
I don't like this idea because:
  • Image uses space on your monitor. And not all people may find them useful.
Okay, here is an example. For say, you wanna know what does "Вдохновение" mean. And here are result:


Now you have an association to this word, and its harder to forget it ;).

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